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Licensed Cosmetologists Only!!!

Master Classes

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Academy Cost: $300.00

Online Course
Application Form
Due to COVID, you will be contacted for a date, time and location for this course.

Admission fee for this course is $300

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• BANAH Curl Academy is a certification program designed to help cosmetologists learn how to properly use the product.

• The program will teach you step by step, the regiment on how to   treat curly hair.


• This online & hands-on certification course for BANAH Curl   Academy includes:


          1. Scalp & Hair Analysis

          2. Distinguishing between wave & curl patterns

          3. Curl Shaping Cut

          4. Education for BANAH product use

          5. Maintenance for in-between treatments

          * Certificate of successful completion 


• Professionals will still have access through commercial product   warehouses.

Certification includes:


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